The Taskforce’s deliverables and recommendations are aimed at both public and private-sector stakeholders. Primarily, our findings speak to those decision makers and regulators who are best positioned to take action: namely, Heads of State and Government, Foreign and Development Ministers, Finance Ministers, Central Bank Governors and Development Finance Institutions.

Additionally, and given the industry-led nature of the ITF and the technical areas it covers, the report’s findings and recommendations are also aimed at a wider set of stakeholders that include capital-market regulators, asset managers, asset owners, businesses, National Advisory Boards on impact investing and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and impact investors, among others.


ITF Report

Time to deliver: Mobilising private capital at scale for people and planet.

Impact Transparency

Financing a better world requires impact transparency, integrity and harmonisation.

Greater transparency on impact, harmonised disclosure standards and better data for decision-making are the foundational elements needed to catalyse private capital at scale for people and planet.

Capital Mobilisation

Mobilising institutional capital towards the SDGs and a Just Transition

Moving capital at scale requires strengthening the participation of local actors, particularly across emerging markets, and recognising the inextricable link between climate and social impact strategies.

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